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Fomicro II Liquid(Micro-nutrients)

Fomicro-II is a mixture of essential micro-nutrients like Iron, Zinc, Manganese. Copper, Molybdenum  and Boron. It supplies balanced nutrition to the plants. It can be used for all types of crops.

Recommendation of Fomicro-II spray: -

  • Cereal grains and pulses (rice, wheat etc.) - First spray at the time of flowering, second spray after theen days from first spray Or whenever deficiency of micro-nutrients i¢ noticed.
  • Soya bean & groundnuts (oil seeds) — First spray after 35 days from sowing. second spray after 55 days from sowing.
  • Cash crops (cotton, sugarcane etc.) - 2-3 sprays with the gap of 15 days after flowering Or as per the analysis test report of sod and stem Or whenever deficiency of micronutrients is noticed.
  •  Vegetables:- a. Lealy Vegetables: - spray after 30 days from sowing. b.Fruit Vegetables: - 2-3 sprays with the gap of 15 days after flowering
  •  Horticutture:- —a.Crops like Lemon, Sweet Lime. and Orange etc.: - Spray (0.5% concentration) twice during the months of March and August.
  • Other horticultural crops (Grapes, Mangoes etc.): - 2 sprays with the gap of fifteen days after flowering.

Dose: -

Spray Fomicro-II with a concentration of 1% on all above crops except othenise mentioned.

Note: -

  •  Spraying of Fomicro-II  should be done in accordance 10 deficiencies found on leaves, stern and the analysis report,
  • Vary the frequency of Fomicro-II sprays according to the intensity of deficiencies found in the crops.
  • Maintain the pH of Fomicro-II spray at 7.
  • There should not be any undissolved matter in the Fomicro-II spray.

Green Leaves

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