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Mirconeut Solubor (Micro-nutrients)


MirconeutSolubor is an ideal mocronutrient Fertilizer, containing water soluble Boron(B) 20% (min.) w/w. It correctsBoron deficiency in soils &crops, to maximizecrop yields. Boronis one of the seven micronutrients required by the plants for their healthier growth.Uptake of Boron is difficult inalkaline soils, sandy & dry soils.Heavy rainfall causes boron deficiency due to leaching of boron by rain water. Someof the symptoms shown by cropssuffering from boron deficiency are restricted Flowering & fruitdevelopment, discoloration, cracking or rotting of fruits &tubers; thickened, wiltedor curly leaves.All these directly reduce the cropyield.

Benefits :

  • MicroneutSolubor helps in new cell development, flower & fruits formation, rootdevelopment & synthesis of amino acids & proteins.
  • It helps in nitrogenfixation in liguminous crops. Boron helpsin vigorous growth& high yieldof all crops.

Recommended Crops :

Cotton,Soyabean, Tur,  Harbhara,  Groundnut, Sugarcane,  Cereals  & Fibres  (Rice,  Wheat, Maize  etc.) Fruits     (Grapes,     Banana,    Mango,      Pomegranate,      Apple,      Citrus,      Strawberry      etc.) Vegetables (Cauliflower, Tomato,Capsicum, Onion, Potatoetc.) Flowers (Roses,Gerbera, Marigold, Carnation etc.)

Dosage :

  • Dissolve 1 to 1.5 gms Microneut Solubor per ltr. of water for foliar application.
  • Use 150-200gm fo Microneut Soluborper acre per spray.
  • Apply 2-3 sprays per crop duringcritical growth stage at an interval of 15-20 days.
  • Boron should be applied at flowering/ fruit formationstage.
  • Microneut soluboris also suitable for drip irrigation & soil application.
  • Ideal doses being 1.5-2.0kg per acre per crop. 2 to 3 dosesare recommended at an intervalof 20 to 25 days the cropyield..

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