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Humino Zyme F (Plant Growth Promoters)

Humino Zyme F is a biologically extracted, non toxic product having scientific combination of humic, fulvic, amino, ascophyllum nodusum (algae). It makes easy availability of essential minerals to plants. Plants absorb it very easily. Due to the fast and healthy growth of leaves & flowers, it improves the fruit set.

  • Stimulating cell division helps to increase the size of fruit and its quality.
  • Helps in synthesizing proteins.
  • Enhances sprouting of seeds.
  • Helps in photosynthesis.
  • It stops flower & fruit drops.
  • Improves uptake & translocation.
  • Promoting the development of roots.
  • It activates enzymes in the metabolic activity and helps in the fast growth of plants.
  • It is useful in all types of fruits, vegetables, cotton, tur, soyabean, harbhara, wheat, corn, cereals and pulses etc.

Dose :

3 ml per liter of water to spray on crops

Green Leaves

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