Green Leaves

Silicon Strength(Plant Growth Promoters)

Silicon Strength is an extremely effective product & supplies silicon as a element to the crops. Silicon is an important and helps in the growth of plants. Silicon is readily available and are easily absorbable by crops.

  •  Leaves become dark and green.
  •  Gives strength to the cell walls.
  •  Controls the evaporation of water from the leaves and acts as an anti evaporator.
  •  Hence it helps to control & balance the water quantity in the crops.
  •  This product is useful for spray and soil application for drenching. If applied for drenching, the size and strength of roots are increased. Also crops can withstand water scarcity and salty soils.
  •  Helps to increase the size of the pulses and cereals, also increases the life of the fruits and improves the quality of agricultural products.


  • 1-1.5ml per lit of water for spray. 2 to 3 sprays with the gap of 15 days
  • Do not mix with any other insecticides or pesticides.

Green Leaves

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